ABCs...Adventures in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

I definitely fall into the category of lifelong learner. In anticipation of my new role with Exponential Impact (a security technologies accelerator), I felt the need to get up to speed on blockchain. I had no idea that blockchain and cryptocurrencies would be so fascinating and now I am a newly minted junkie. 

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple hitting the front pages of mainstream news outlets, friends and colleagues have been hitting me up with questions like, "What is it?" and "How do I get some?"

Without a doubt, trading in cryptocurrencies can be a great way to learn about blockchain. It is my hope that people buying and selling cryptocurrencies will take the time to understand the technologies behind them and ensure their wallets are secure. 

I'm largely self-taught in this emerging field and am certainly not an expert. Nothing on this blog should be taken as investment advice. The blog will document my personal journey  (not always the most efficient path) and personal favorites (articles, cryptocurrencies, projects, books, and people). 

For those of you hoping to learn more about where this all began I highly recommend Digital Gold by  @nathanielpopper. It's a fascinating read and is an excellent jumping off point for a journey into blockchain.